Homecrest Furniture

Homecrest, a truly made-in-America company, has demonstrated over the past sixty-five years a passion for casual outdoor furniture and the lifestyle that goes with it.  They pride themselves on providing the highest level of customer service, as exemplified by their five-year residential double layer sling warranty. From furniture designed for comfort, to natural-looking table tops and cushion-less deep seating, Homecrest has the outdoor furniture that promotes family, well-being, and outdoor living.

  • Slings: The double layer sling offers unsurpassed comfort and exceptional longevity.  We have had customers come to us after having a sling chair for over twenty years, only to have us replace the slings, since the structure of the chair was still going strong.  If there had been any issues within the first five years, it would have been protected by their industry-leading five year residential warranty.
  • Metals: The metal collections are suited for spaces where scale, stackability, and care-free maintenance are top priorities.  Homecrest’s ergonomically-designed frames offer a high level of comfort, stand up to areas with extreme weather, are convenient to store, and are the optimum for maintenance-free outdoor living.
  • Cushions: The cushion collections offer the highest level of relaxed comfort and style within the Homecrest collections.  Their durable cushions provide a soft, cozy retreat that will make you feel like you are sitting on your favorite chair, or sofa.  These cushions require a bit more care and maintenance compared to slings/metals, but to you the comfort of a soft cushion may be worth the work.
  • Tables: For many, the outdoor living experience centers around the dining table.  From aluminum and glass to resin materials, Homecrest continues its history of innovation in outdoor table design and construction.  Homecrest tables are structurally engineered to be used year-round in even the most demanding of environments.

Poly Furniture

Poly outdoor furniture is a popular alternative to traditional wooden patio furniture largely due to its sustainable nature.  High-density polyethylene is made from recycled plastics, making it eco-friendly. The process of extracting the plastic pellets and melding them back into a polymer creates a product that is as strong and tough.

Poly furniture has a strong resistance to extreme weather and corrosive materials, due fact that it does not absorb moisture.  The poly will never rot, splinter, or crack, and it does not need to be waterproofed or painted. It is also heavier than other plastic furniture, so it will not blow away in heavier winds.  You can also choose from a rainbow of colors to accent and/or complement your outdoor space perfectly.