Primo Ceramic Grills

Primo Ceramic Grills are one of the best grills for outdoor use. Primo Grills offer more than just grilling for the great outdoors. This multi-use grill offers components for cooking, baking, smoking, or roasting your favorite foods. Primo Grills will leave your food with a natural, organic wood fire flavor leaving your taste buds satisfied.

Primo Grills are made right here in the United States, assembled by hand in Tucker, Georgia.  You can trust the quality and reputation of an American-based manufacturing company.

Primo is known for being the only ceramic grill with the patented oval design. The patented oval shape delivers simultaneous direct and indirect cooking. You have the option to grill thick sizzling steaks, while also roasting farm-fresh corn on the other side of the grill. Other grills just can’t compete with this level of cooking performance. Primo offers a Best-in-Category limited lifetime warranty backed by a 20-year guarantee.

Delta Heat

Delta Heat is a true culmination of past experiences, refined and perfected to ensure exceptional design and performance.  Delta Heat understands that longevity and performance are important to their customers and these attributes are at the forefront of all Delta Heat Products.

Delta Heats Grills come with many beneficial features:

  • LED Control Panel Lights- Decorative blue lights illuminate the control knobs turning your grill into the main attraction, even when not in use.
  • Interior Halogen Light- Halogen Lights illuminate the cooking surface. Advantageous for the late-night barbeques, eliminating the need for external lights that may disturb the natural ambiance of your gathering.
  • Mirror Polished Accents- The exquisite hi-polished accents add luxurious refinements to your grill and accessories.
  • Temperature Gauge-Stylishly integrated and perfectly positioned to indicate the temperature of the convected heat while closed lid cooking.

Delta Heat products are engineered, designed, and manufactured by the industry-leading premium grill and outdoor kitchen equipment experts – Twin Eagles, Inc.



Broilmaster Grills are truly the grill of a lifetime. This new generation of stainless steel grill offers retract-a-rack, multi-level cooking grids, and timeless bow tie burners. These grills are designed to perform and built to last.

Broilmaster has been manufacturing since 1966. All Broilmaster grills are made in the USA. Broilmaster grills are unique because of the deep bottom casting, which allows a more uniform temperature across the cooking grid.

Whether you’re searing a porterhouse steak to celebrate a personal best, slow roasting a pork shoulder to serve to your family or friends, or just simply throwing some burgers on the grill for a quick dinner, there’s a grill just for you.

Broilmaster offers conventional and infrared gas grills and even grills that can do both. All of these grills feature multi-level cooking grids, separate burner controls, stainless steel burners, and the company’s exclusive Smoker Shutter-which allows you to slow roast or smoke your favorite kinds of meals.



With A-maze-n smoking products, you can turn any grill into a BBQ smoker.   This Product Offers many “A-maze-n” features and benefits:

  • generate clean “creosote free” smoke
  • cold smoke meat, fish, cheese, nuts, and more
  • hot smoke your favorite kinds of meats
  • made of stainless steel and will not rust
  • small and lightweight
  • can be used in any smoker or grill
  • no holes to drill
  • no cords
  • produces very little heat
  • easy to use
  • easy to clean
  • many different wood types to choose from

John Henry Spices

Everyone needs a little flavor in their life when it comes to grilling and cooking. These east Texas inspired rubs are perfect for chicken, briskets, ribs, fish and your choice of veggies cooked your way-steamed, stir-fried or sautéed.

John Henry offers multiple mouthwatering spices:

  • Texas Chicken Tickler
  • Mojave Garlic Pepper
  • Sugar Maple Rub
  • Big Daddy’s Smokehouse Rub

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