Low Maintenance Decks

Low Maintenance Decks

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Free time was meant to be outdoors resting and relaxing not sanding and staining your wood deck.  If you were to choose a low maintenance material like Fiberon, Trex, or Timbertech there would be no more weekends restaining your deck or paying someone else to do it.  If you are looking for a deck that will give you endless hours of enjoyment without the hassle of constant upkeep, than a low maintenance deck is the best choice for you.  

Low maintenance decks are incredibly easy to maintain.  Most of the time a good rain will wash it off for you, and at the most it will require a little soap and water.  Not only does that cut down the time/effort put into keeping up your deck, but soap/water is much cheaper than stain.  Over the course of a handful of years a low maintenance deck will start to save you money in comparison to a wood deck that will require constant upkeep.

Composite (PVC), low maintenance deck manufacturers also have a wide variety of colors, textures and patterns that do a beautiful job of mimicking the look and feel of natural wood.  All these options will allow you to pick the colors that are a perfect accent to your home and yard. Not to mention there are also a variety of price points that will allow you the flexibility to choose a board that looks and feels right, all while fitting in your budget.  

A low maintenance deck is also durable.  The cap layer of composite decking protects against spills, stains, and harmful UV rays, while the solid construction means no splintering, rotting, or warping.  It is also long lasting, and guaranteed by extended manufacturer warranties that ensure that if any problems would arise that you, the customer, would be protected at no cost to you.

They are as advertised, low maintenance and low hassle.  Not to mention eco-friendly, as most boards are made mainly from recycled materials.  So, if low maintenance, durable, long lasting, eco-friendly decking sounds good to you stop by our showroom to see all the beautiful composite boards that we can offer for your next project.  

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