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A backyard space with too much sun cries out for shade.  A long, hot summer may have brought you to this realization, or you may have had the forethought to plan ahead for some shade.  Either way, a pergola creates a slightly covered outdoor living space, or covers an existing one, with cross rafters and no walls allowing for an open, inviting space to lounge and unwind.  

A simple pergola also creates a picturesque point of interest that adds value to your home and landscape, but also a highly functional feature as well.  It can both be free standing, or attached to the home, depending on your preference and needs. Due to its construction and amount of materials used it can also be an economical addition to your outdoor living space.

To create more shade with your pergola you can add fabrics, lattice for flowers or vines, or utilize a wired Infinity Shade Canopy.  The Infinity Wire Canopy is versatile, and retractable. Its modular design allows it to adapt to any space and can be changed within minutes to create new designs and patterns for your backdoor space.  It provides shade when you need it, and retracts easily when you do not.

You can also decorate your pergola by hanging planters, flowers, wind chimes, and an assortment of items to give your pergola a unique personal touch.  Whatever you choose to do with your pergola adding one will maximize space for furniture and lounging that is shaded from the sun and elements, all while being open and free with expansive site lines.

Typically we build pergolas from either low-maintenance materials or wood.  The design aspect with low-maintenance is limited by the confines of the material, whereas wood gives greater opportunity to be creative and create unique designs.

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