Roof Structures

Roof Structures

Luxury Outdoor Living

Finished roof structures give you the comfort of the indoors, outside. For most of our customers, a roof will allow them to maximize their outdoor experience and extend the time they can spend outdoors. A roof provides a barrier from the sun and rain, so you can still grill out, dine out, and lounge throughout the summer, instead of standing inside looking out waiting for the weather to break.

At DeckCreator we have the skill to design, and the experience to build a variety of roof structures to allow you to start being outside on rainy days, hot days and everything in between! Whether you are looking for a rustic look or a finished look, wanting to use wood or a low maintenance material, we can create what you desire. Roof structures allow you to create an outdoor space that can include lights, fans, entertainment systems, outdoor furniture and kitchens, and whatever else you can imagine. Screen it in to extend out its use, or keep it open, the choice is yours.

An elevated finished deck can also become a ‘roof structure’ when you add a dry system underneath. Dry systems redirect the rain giving you another dry living space under your deck. Based on your needs and desired purpose for this area, we can recommend the right system for you.

DeckCreator can create an outdoor living space you may have never thought possible before.

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