Wood Decks

Wood Decks

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Nothing is more symbolic of nature, and the outdoors, than natural wood. No manufactured material can mimic the grain, the texture, and the colors of natural wood. If you are a fan of the outdoors and natural wood, like we are at DeckCreator, than a wood deck might be the best choice for you. Wood is economical, reliable, readily available, and will make a beautiful choice for your new deck and outdoor living space project.

Wood is more affordable than other materials, such as composite and PVC materials. It is also readily available and easy to replace. If a composite board fails after several years that style may or may not still be in production, wood has been and will continue to be produced and available for professionals and DIYer’s alike.

Wood is a versatile, reliable material to build and design with. It is used in a variety of applications from decks to pergolas to roof structures. It is easier to work with (cut, sand, screw) which will also lower your labor cost. Aesthetically speaking, natural wood can also be stained any color while maintaining the grain patterns and textures that nature intended. Wood may be more work at times compared to manufactured composite decks, but to many it is well worth the effort. With a little bit of care, and elbow grease, a treated lumber deck can last up to twenty five years.

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